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We are looking for fresh new shirts and offer fame and $150 in cash.

So if you'd like to submit a design for us to consider, please follow these steps:

1) Create a design that you think the world would like to wear (Please check the guidelines below). The subject of the design can by anything game and eSports related.
Note: Please do not use any third party property such as logos, trademarks, or copyrighted material.

2) Send a preview of your design (Please use this template) to

3) If your design is selected, we will contact you and request a high resolution version of your design for printing. Also, we may need additional information to sene your prize money.

Submission guidelines:
  • Please use a maximum of four (4) ink colors (Black and white count as colors)
  • Avoid gradients, shadows, or glows (it's much harder or impossible to print)
  • Vector files are best for making t-shirts. Otherwise please provide 600 DPI raster images
  • You have a printable area of 25 cm wide by 35 cm tall to work with for the t-shirt front and/or back
  • Please use this template for your submission
  • Save your file as JPG