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Posted by Jan Wirth

The ESL Shop has been redesigned, restocked with exciting new gear, and relocated to! Alongside the new ESL rebrand (have you noticed our new logo?), we’ve got a cool new range of products available online. Check out the new ESL collections or head over to the Sales page to get some bargain deals on our ‘classic’ designs. Don’t forget that all shipping (including global) is free when you spend more than €40 online!

On the hunt? Some t-shirts, such as Valve’s Dota 2 hero-themed shirts, come with a digital unlock code. Grab a shirt of your favorite hero and unlock an item for them in-game: if you think of Recluse Reef Denizen as caviar, then head over to the shop and check out the Tide Hunter shirt. Other items are available for Juggernaut, Axe and Kunkka!

More merchandise will be made available soon - stay tuned!