Frequently Asked Questions


I accidentally entered the wrong address on my order.

How much will shipping cost?

Do you ship outside the European Union?

Why don't you ship to my country?

Will I have to pay custom fees on my order?

Do you offer express Shipping?

How long does shipping take?

Where do you ship from?

Can you mark my order as a gift?

I think my package is lost.

Order status

How can I find out my tracking information?

My tracking code did not update in a long time.

How to cancel my order?

I'd like to edit my size.

Can I add something to an already placed order?

Returns / Exchanges

I want to return or exchange my item(s).

I think my product is defective.

My return arrived at your warhouse. When will I receive my refund?

Something was wrong on my order. What do I do now?

I need a return label.

Billing / Payment

What payment methods do you accept?

The currency in my country is something else than Euro. How do I pay?

Can I pay via bank transfer?

Can I pay upon delivery?

Product / Services

Can you guys print a custom shirt for me?

Can you print my gamer tag on my shirt?

The item I want is Out of Stock! When will you have it again?

I have a GREAT idea for a new product, how I can I submit it?